Vacation Day 1 of 5: Flight of the Friends

Hello Everyone!
I came back from my vacation and took a week to gather all my thoughts and photos. My friend Cymantha (pronounced the same as Samantha) started out on 5/29. It was a rough start since I found out that one of my friends’ fathers had passed. I felt heartbroken that I could not be there for him that week, but I did let him know that if he needed anything to text my fiance and I and we would be there for him (obviously my fiance more so than me).
Cym and I got to the airport alright and made our way through TSA. What a joy! Cym always gets patted down. It never fails and this time was no different. Once our carry-ons (the only bags we had) were checked as well as our persons, we made our way to the gate. We flew Delta on the way down. The planes were small, but the staff was friendly.
0529171211Cymantha and I
We had a layover in Atlanta, Georgia, and we just got to our new gate in time! We had to take the shuttle and was that a time saver! We got held up on the tarmac because of a passing storm, but the flight to the Pensacola, Florida Airport was short enough. Like I said, the staff was friendly and they handed out activity books while we were waiting for clearance to take off.
The Pensacola airport was so small! This made it easier to find Jen (our friend we were visiting). We grabbed dinner after putting our luggage in her apartment and afterwards grabbed ice cream at Culver’s, which we don’t have around where I live. They had S’mores ice cream (and if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with S’mores)! It was a very nice, but simple experience.
We exchanged gifts (mostly ones owed from the holidays that were never sent). I got Jen and Cym a book each, Cym got each of us a key chain with a pizza slice and our initial, and Jen made and bought us little goodies for our stay there (crocheted shoulder bag, fidget spinner, sunscreen, shell bag, lip balm with SPF, glass jar to keep sand in, Finding Dory Tissue pack, etc). I also received a “Hobbit” backpack/messenger bag that her and her fiance found at a good price.
We ended night one with watching “Moana,” which Cym had not seen yet. It was tiring being on planes all day, but we did get to spend some nice down-time together to save our energy for the rest of the week.
Let me ask, what are some places you’d like to try that aren’t around where you live? Have you traveled anywhere and found someplace you wanted them to build closer to you? Let me know by leaving a comment!
Stay tuned for Day Two! I’ll give you a hint of what’s to come:
It’s Nemo!

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