OWC – Day 18


Today was rough. I thought I was going to leave work early because I had a 2 hour meeting scheduled on my day off. But about an hour and a half before I was going to head out, the meeting got cancelled. I missed out on a nap.

I then went to a very low key bachelorette party. We sat around talking and sharing stories, eating, watching The Princess Bride. I had to call it a night very early on, but other people had work in the morning anyway. It was very nice to get out and hang out with friends.

Day 18 is “Discuss Current Relationship or Being Single.”

I am engaged and live in a house that my fiance and I bought in December. There’s not a lot to say. We barely fight and argue. When we do it’s over very little stupid things. He buys me things and I buy him things.

I haven’t watched a lot of movies, but he makes me watch movies that he likes and I haven’t seen before. He won’t watch movies that I want to watch because he’s “seen them before.”

He makes me smile and laugh, even when I’m upset or angry. He lets me rant and complain about anything and everything. He actually does listen for the most part. He remembers things I forget and I remember things he forgets. He gets really concerned about my health, but won’t let me fret over his.

He shields me from things I am afraid of and will even look up a questionable movie or show to tell me if things that I am afraid of are in it or not. When there’s a movie or show we both want to watch he waits (most of the time) to watch it with me.

We’re both creative and nerdy. We help each other with our projects.

We share our goals and dreams with each other. We talk everything out except our feelings. We both keep to ourselves when it comes to those until it breaks us down. We both love Disney and we are both viking badasses.




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