Writing Stories

Ok, so my plan of saving money hasn’t panned out the way I wanted it to with all the vet bills, extra expenses, and wedding expenses (for a friend’s wedding, not mine). I’m still going to Florida, but I don’t know where else I will be able to go with the little bit of savings I have been able to squirrel away.

I am going for another position at work in which I had to put together a presentation. That took me quite a bit of time to work on, which is why I didn’t post last month. However, it did bring about my appetite for writing. 

So I took a little extra money and bought myself two cork boards, index cards (plain and colored), pins, and notebooks. I am going to start an “idea board” and “story board” process. I also downloaded apps to get me motivated and to keep me on track. I just need to get over my block – which is that when I sit down and start writing it has to be perfect. I need to remind myself that the goal is just to write first, edit later.

I am going to keep this short and sweet, since I really have nothing else to write about.

I try to always end with a question for anyone who reads this to answer:

What are you working on? What keeps you from writing? ow do you get motivated? Any apps that help you keep on track?




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