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OWC – Day 16

Published October 17, 2017 by K. Leigh


When my fiance came home from work tonight I told him what I was watching and that I don’t care what plans he had, I was going to finish it (I’m using Netflix on Xbox). He was a little disappointed, but what he doesn’t know is that I will probably watch this every day until they take it off Netflix.

Also, since I had to pick him up from work tonight, we narrowly missed being in an accident. I was at a red light. All of a sudden we hear a big bang and look around. I see the people in the car behind me get out and go to the back of their car. The car behind them had rear ended them. Thankfully, they didn’t hit hard because otherwise, I would have been roped into the accident. Because I have been in many car accidents, whenever I witness one (2 times this week by the way) or see one in a movie, I start freaking out and start having an anxiety attack. It sucks.

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OWC – Day 13

Published October 13, 2017 by K. Leigh


It’s Friday the 13th and it’s in October!!!! YAY! I have some errands and chores to do today so I wanted to get this post done before I do them. Since later I will be with friends and family watching¬†Lore on Amazon Prime. It is based off of Aaron Mahnke’s podcast by the same name. Go check it out if you haven’t already. It’s spooky, which is great for October, and his voice is perfect for what he talks about.

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OWC – Day 12

Published October 13, 2017 by K. Leigh


I don’t have anything to report from today because I didn’t really do much. It was my day off from work and I spent most of it in bed due to terrible back pain. In fact, I am still in pain, but it isn’t as bad as it was earlier.

I’m just going to jump into Day 12, which is “A Problem You Have / Have Had.” Read the rest of this entry →

OWC – Day 10

Published October 10, 2017 by K. Leigh


I briefly discussed a project with friends in one of my other posts. It’s really starting to come along and (hopefully) soon I can announce it and share it on my blog. I’m getting really excited and appreciate all the work that my friend have put into it.

Today was my first day back at work after a staycation and it feels nice to be home. I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing.

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OWC – Day 8

Published October 9, 2017 by K. Leigh


It’s close to midnight and I don’t feel like writing. I had a good day with friends (one of them being my best friend), then had a family movie night, which was unexpected, and now I am just so very tired.

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation and I am looking forward to spending it with another one of my best friends. I am just going to jump into this and then go to bed.

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OWC – Day 3

Published October 4, 2017 by K. Leigh


It’s Day 3 of my October Writing Challenge and I am still doing great. I think this is the best consecutive day record I have ever had. I feel good about it, too, because all I think about at work is going home, watching a horror movie, and then writing a post. Today I said to myself “Eh…I can always write 2 posts tomorrow if I don’t write tonight,” but then immediately scolded myself. “No! If I get into that habit I will just drop the ball again.” And now, here we are!

Day 3 is “Proud of in the Last Week.” Well, that’s a hard one because nothing much happened in the past week except 2 deaths of people I knew. I am going to be positive and try to find some things to be proud of. Read the rest of this entry →

OWC – Day 2

Published October 3, 2017 by K. Leigh

Hello again.

Day 2. Going strong – for now. Just a quick update in my personal life before we get to Day 2 of the October Writing Challenge:

My best friends are amazing. I was having a rough time recently (hence the absence). I was doing better until just a few days ago. Read the rest of this entry →