Vacation Day 2 of 5: Fish and Chips!

Hello Again!
Cym, K, and Jen (it was hot and sunny)
Day two of the trip was pretty low-key, but awesome. We went into Pensacola to visit the Gulfarium (Aquarium on the Gulf). You enter and they instantly grab your picture.I don’t think I have ever once gone anywhere and they stopped me to get in line to take a picture. Like damn! Can I actually walk around before you snap a photo? Then you get in line in the gift shop to buy a pass, you finally enter the Aquarium. They got this set up to make instant money – especially if you have small children. You know once kids see merchandise, they don’t even care about anything else, even the reason they are there: seeing animals.
The first thing you see when you walk into the aquarium portion is a big round wall with windows everywhere. This is the dolphin tank. I was one happy camper because I love dolphins. After standing there what seemed like forever getting photos, I gave permission to my two friends that we could move on.
We got to see all things! Morey eels, baby turtles, big turtles, sea horses, birds, snakes, and we sat down to see a dolphin show. It was a breathtaking view, because not only did you see the tank, but further past the building was a beach and the Gulf. It was stunning.
The view from the Dophin Show
We bought 3 copies of the photos from the entrance, some souvenirs for our family and friends, and headed out because  we needed something to eat for lunch. Of course, we decided on a Philly Pizzeria because I wanted to see how authentic the Philly Cheesesteaks were, being from the area. However, it was closed (they close for a couple of hours during the day). We finally wound up at Whattaburger to see what all the fuss was about, because it was a restaurant that we just don’t have around where Cym or I live. Let me tell you, the hype is real. The fries are on point, the burgers are quality (big, flavorful, juicy, etc), and the service shocked me. Really nice people who waited on us. Definitely upset that we have none up here.
After going back to Jen’s and relaxing for a little bit, we went to her fiance’s parents’ house to swim. Jen has a pool in her complex, but…you know…people. We got the pool to ourselves and it wasn’t a very far drive. They were very welcoming and even offered to barbecue for us. We thought it would just be burgers and hotdogs, but they came out with deviled eggs, alfredo noodles, chips and dip, and of course sweet tea. We were taken aback because they didn’t have to do so much for us.
After cleaning up and thanking them profusely, we went outside to set off some little fireworks Jen had gotten us. I cannot buy them or set them off in my state, and Cym cannot buy them in her state, but can set them off. It was a fun thing to do for a little bit.
Afterwards, it was chill out time with the girls. We all agreed to watch “Doctor Strange” because we are all Cumbercookies/Cumberbitches/fans of Benedict Cumberbatch (whichever term you prefer). But also, it was a great movie and it was fun to see Sherlock Holmes and Hannibal Lector go after one another.
What movies/types of movies do you enjoy watching? Do you also refer to actors as other characters they’ve played while watching the movie? As always, leave your answers/suggestions in comment form.
Hint for Day 3:
French? The South? Wherever did we go?!

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    1. Yes. There were 4 dolphins. The show was really cool and I never saw one before. They also had an area where you could play with the dolphins in water. Unfortunately, we were not able to do that because I think you have to pay for it and book it in advance. Plus…wet suits…lol.

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