Almost 2 Years


It’s been almost two years since I updated my blog. That’s a long time. Quite a bit has happened. Lets do catch up quickly after I posted my last blog post (it was right after my grandmother and great uncle passed away).


-My boyfriend’s brother passed away

-Got a new job

-Was in a wedding

-Went to Disney for the first time

-Got engaged in Disney

-A friend from high school’s step father passed away

2015 was a very bad year for me mentally because of all the deaths, but there were some positives.


-Got a small promotion at work

-Bought a house with my fiance

And we’re pretty much caught up now. That was quite simple.

I have put my blog on hold because of everything going on. I never had a job before where I worked 40 hours a week guaranteed, so it’s taken some getting used to. Before we bought a house, my hours outside of work usually consisted of seeing my fiance and trying to be social.

However, I am back and this time I would say it’s for good. I have an idea for my blog and I want to start off light. I will hopefully be posting at least once a month. After I get some good topics, I might post more than that, but for right now, my idea is just starting out.

I really want to travel. To do that, you have to have some sort of extra income. Since I have very little extra income, I will be starting off slow. Visiting and blogging about places in my state, and then when I travel with friends this year to other states. Hopefully, if I get another promotion or some bonuses, I will try to do more traveling.

I’m even thinking about starting up a YouTube channel. I will have videos up of my travels, which I will link to my blog which will have extra information.

So, as always. I’d like to hear what you think. What would you like to see? What topics, if not travel, should I post about? Please remember, I am taking one small step at a time due to financial reasons. I am not planning on going to another country anytime soon, although it is my long term goal.

Hopefully see you around,

K. Leigh


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