Getting Started

So in my last blog post I did a quick update on my life in the past 2 years and I was thinking about making a travel blog or YouTube or both. I also talked about posting more often and trying not to stay away.

Here I am, again! I think for right now I will be posting at least once a month until I have more interesting content that people might want to read. So I have taken my first steps that I am hoping take me to where I want to be.

One of my best friends moved to Florida a couple of years ago and she came up to visit last year. I decided that it was time to visit her with the little bit of money I had saved. I texted our other friend and stated it was time to take a trip and she agreed! I booked our flight to Florida through Travelocity and in about 2 months time, I will be in another state!

Now, I’ve flown to Florida before so why is this such a big deal for me? I would say this is my first time going without a large group or family, but I just realized that would be a lie. My memories brought me back to the flight I took alone to Florida back when I was 18.

I guess it’s a big deal because I got a nice camera. Ok, maybe not amazing, but for the money I had I think the camera I bought is pretty good. I’m really excited to use it! I used to have a camera like it that I loved, but it broke, so I figured I’d stick to the same brand and something I knew I would like. It’s a great camera to start out with, and I am planning on getting a better camera in the next few years if everything goes well.

I also started following Travel Bloggers and Vloggers and got some awesome tips on where to get cheap flights and lodging. Hopefully, those tips will come in handy in the future.

Now that I was able to get started with my dreams of traveling (even if it is small steps for now), I also wanted to mention something else new in my life. 4 years ago we got a Black Lab/Australian Cattle Dog. My fiance and I named him Ganon. Yes, that’s right, after the Legend of Zelda character. Now, we just added a cat to our home. We adopted her from the animal shelter and changed her named to Midna. That’s right, after another Legend of Zelda character (my fiance’s mother owns a puggle named Zelda , too!). Midna is doing great and loves to be social with humans. She does not object to cuddles either. We are very happy we were able to adopt her and give her a loving home.

Do you have any tips on traveling? Any travel bloggers/vloggers you follow? Or do you have pets? Any cool names for them? Let me know!




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