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OWC – Day 11

Published October 12, 2017 by K. Leigh


Yesterday, after I wrote my post, my fiance surprised me with 3 out of the 4 “Portal” Pop Funkos. That made me very happy since “Portal” is one of my favorite games and we collect Pop Funkos.

Today I had my annual review at work and got a raise. It went very well, and although my expectations for how much of a raise I was going to get was high, I am very happy with the praise that I got. Some of the things said was a surprise to me. I didn’t think anyone noticed some of the small things I did, but my manager did and that makes me feel good.

With that, let’s get into Day 10: “An Area in Life You Want to Improve.” Read the rest of this entry →


OWC – Day 3

Published October 4, 2017 by K. Leigh


It’s Day 3 of my October Writing Challenge and I am still doing great. I think this is the best consecutive day record I have ever had. I feel good about it, too, because all I think about at work is going home, watching a horror movie, and then writing a post. Today I said to myself “Eh…I can always write 2 posts tomorrow if I don’t write tonight,” but then immediately scolded myself. “No! If I get into that habit I will just drop the ball again.” And now, here we are!

Day 3 is “Proud of in the Last Week.” Well, that’s a hard one because nothing much happened in the past week except 2 deaths of people I knew. I am going to be positive and try to find some things to be proud of. Read the rest of this entry →

Almost 2 Years

Published February 25, 2017 by K. Leigh


It’s been almost two years since I updated my blog. That’s a long time. Quite a bit has happened. Lets do catch up quickly after I posted my last blog post (it was right after my grandmother and great uncle passed away).


-My boyfriend’s brother passed away

-Got a new job

-Was in a wedding

-Went to Disney for the first time

-Got engaged in Disney

-A friend from high school’s step father passed away

2015 was a very bad year for me mentally because of all the deaths, but there were some positives.


-Got a small promotion at work

-Bought a house with my fiance Read the rest of this entry →

Random Disappearance

Published March 31, 2015 by K. Leigh

Hello! And I am so sorry for not updating and posting blogs.

It looks like the last one I posted was on September 1st. A lot has happened since then that has been such a cause for my disappearance. I attribute a lot of it to finishing my last semester at my university and the holidays. However, I wanted to start up again in the new year and I had planned out some posts. My job’s busiest months are January, February, and March so I was going to post accordingly. There was one week where I did nothing but work and sleep maybe three hours between shifts. It was rough. My grandmother was moved into the house at that time and she started to get sick. She was in and out of the hospital and rehab. My great uncle was also not looking very good, either.  I actually took a break from Round Robin when things started to look grim and work was buzzing.

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Writing Tip – Feedback

Published July 29, 2014 by K. Leigh

Everyone who writes a story whether it be a fanfiction, a book, a short story, a narrative, etc, always wants feedback. They might want someone to edit it while giving that feedback as well, but I have often encountered many people cannot take constructive criticism. A good portion of people I have reviewed via the internet (and for class) have only wanted good or positive feedback. I can not, in good faith, give an “OH EM GEE. Your story was PERFECT. I LOVED IT SO SO MUCH I WANT TO CRY” type feedback. So how, as a writer and reader, can you give and take constructive criticism?

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