OWC – Day 11

Hello, Yesterday, after I wrote my post, my fiance surprised me with 3 out of the 4 "Portal" Pop Funkos. That made me very happy since "Portal" is one of my favorite games and we collect Pop Funkos. Today I had my annual review at work and got a raise. It went very well, and... Continue Reading →


OWC – Day 3

Hello! It's Day 3 of my October Writing Challenge and I am still doing great. I think this is the best consecutive day record I have ever had. I feel good about it, too, because all I think about at work is going home, watching a horror movie, and then writing a post. Today I... Continue Reading →

Almost 2 Years

Hello...again... It's been almost two years since I updated my blog. That's a long time. Quite a bit has happened. Lets do catch up quickly after I posted my last blog post (it was right after my grandmother and great uncle passed away). 2015: -My boyfriend's brother passed away -Got a new job -Was in... Continue Reading →

Random Disappearance

Hello! And I am so sorry for not updating and posting blogs. It looks like the last one I posted was on September 1st. A lot has happened since then that has been such a cause for my disappearance. I attribute a lot of it to finishing my last semester at my university and the... Continue Reading →

Writing Tip – Feedback

Everyone who writes a story whether it be a fanfiction, a book, a short story, a narrative, etc, always wants feedback. They might want someone to edit it while giving that feedback as well, but I have often encountered many people cannot take constructive criticism. A good portion of people I have reviewed via the... Continue Reading →

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