Random Disappearance

Hello! And I am so sorry for not updating and posting blogs.

It looks like the last one I posted was on September 1st. A lot has happened since then that has been such a cause for my disappearance. I attribute a lot of it to finishing my last semester at my university and the holidays. However, I wanted to start up again in the new year and I had planned out some posts. My job’s busiest months are January, February, and March so I was going to post accordingly. There was one week where I did nothing but work and sleep maybe three hours between shifts. It was rough. My grandmother was moved into the house at that time and she started to get sick. She was in and out of the hospital and rehab. My great uncle was also not looking very good, either.  I actually took a break from Round Robin when things started to look grim and work was buzzing.

My grandmother passed on March 2nd. I cannot be thankful enough for my family and friends (and their families) at that time. I reconnected with some family that I hadn’t seen in years and I guess that was such a positive point of losing someone in my family.

Sadly, my great uncle passed away this weekend and I have his funeral to attend this week. I don’t feel like I’ll recover from the deaths for a little bit.  I can’t imagine what my great aunt is going through right now. Not only did she lose her sister, but in the same month she lost her husband. If anyone reads this, could you do me a favor and just keep her in your prayers and thoughts, or send some positive energy her way (whatever you believe would help)? That would be very nice of you and I would appreciate it.

On to some more positive things (sorry for being depressing first). Round Robin turned 1 this month and so we celebrated it. I was really trying to go back to writing with them after the storm had passed, but I felt it wasn’t the right time. I still did not feel like myself. I still don’t, especially with my great uncle’s passing. I’m still on break from them, but I am trying to keep up with everything and get back on track.

Back in October I got to meet Anne Rice and witness a live interview between her and her editor. I was overwhelmed with fangirling and not the vampire fangirling. Just the fact that I have been reading Anne Rice’s novels since I was around 14. She was actually the first writer that I got heavily in to. I wasn’t a huge reader before reading Interview With The Vampire. I just read her novels for enjoyment until a few years ago when I got obsessed with reading. So it was a big night for me and I really cherish the experience.

I am also reading more. My new year goals were to read more, sew more, and write more. So far, the reading more is being accomplished. I read the first series in the Percy Jackson novels. I am on the first one of the second series (The Lost Hero). I’m not a huge YA book reader and so far I only like two characters from the novels, one of them was introduced in the current one I am reading. However, I can see why YA readers would be intrigued by these books. They are very different and mythology is interesting, even if sometimes it can seem overwhelming in these books.

I also have some ideas for my writing. Hopefully, I will discipline myself enough to sit down and write something. I don’t write fanfiction, at least I haven’t since high school, but I started on a fanfiction that my friend and I talked about. It’s not a very serious fanfiction and it is quite weird, but it should be extremely funny.  I didn’t get very far, but it’s a start at least.

And the new miniseries The Dovekeepers is on tonight! It was created from a book by the same name written by Alice Hoffman. I read it maybe two years ago (has it really been that long?!) and it was an amazing read. I heard the series is not going to be like the book, but isn’t that how it always is? I don’t care, I’ll still give it a watch and form my own opinions. Sometimes I like the movies/shows just as much as I like the books (for example I liked the movie version of Memoirs of a Geisha whereas some of my friends did not).

And that’s about it for this post. Nothing really awesome happening, mostly sad stuff, but at least I paid some attention to my blog for now.

I do want to ask, what would you like me to blog about in my next post? Any questions on writing or do you need some opinions/tip for writing? What are you reading and do you like it? What’s your favorite genre to read and your favorite genre to write? Did you read a book and like the movie/tv version of it just as much as the book?

Leave comments and let me know! I will probably look into some of the genres/books/movies/shows that you answer with! I love finding new stuff that I would have never discovered on my own (like how a friend’s book suggestion turned into my meeting and conversing with Lisa See).



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  1. So much has happened for you. And you know full well you can take as much time as you need from RRW. We will always wait for you.

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