OWC – Day 11

Hello, Yesterday, after I wrote my post, my fiance surprised me with 3 out of the 4 "Portal" Pop Funkos. That made me very happy since "Portal" is one of my favorite games and we collect Pop Funkos. Today I had my annual review at work and got a raise. It went very well, and... Continue Reading →


OWC – Day 10

Hello, I briefly discussed a project with friends in one of my other posts. It's really starting to come along and (hopefully) soon I can announce it and share it on my blog. I'm getting really excited and appreciate all the work that my friend have put into it. Today was my first day back... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 9

Hello, I just got back from visiting Cym. I had a lot of fun, of course, but it was a long day since the drive is an hour and a half each way. I just got in, picked up my dog from my mother-in-law's house, and picked up the fiance from work. It feels nice... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 8

Hello, It's close to midnight and I don't feel like writing. I had a good day with friends (one of them being my best friend), then had a family movie night, which was unexpected, and now I am just so very tired. Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation and I am looking forward... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 7

Hello! Today I had a nice day. I went to my parent's house and we had breakfast together. Then I came home to rest a little and do some laundry. Later, it will be my mother in law's birthday party. I am very excited because I love playing board games and that's what we do... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 6

Hello, I am posting very late. I was plagued with a migraine earlier. Later we went out for my mother in law's birthday and then went back to her house to decorate for Halloween, where I was in charge of baking cookies while her and her best friend decorated. I have a busy day ahead... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 5

Hello, It's Day 5. I see that I don't have many views on my blog posts, and that's ok. I am not bothered, because I am doing this for me. I am trying to get into a rhythm of writing. So I will continue on. Day 5 is "A Habit You Wish You Didn't Have."... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 4

Hello! Today, I really didn't feel like writing this post. Not because I didn't want to write, but because I don't really care for the topic. Day 4 is "A Controversial View You Have." I really don't like discussing religion or politics, and most of the controversial views I have are only told to friends.... Continue Reading →

OWC – Day 3

Hello! It's Day 3 of my October Writing Challenge and I am still doing great. I think this is the best consecutive day record I have ever had. I feel good about it, too, because all I think about at work is going home, watching a horror movie, and then writing a post. Today I... Continue Reading →

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