OWC – Day 14


Big changes may be happening. I hope so. Whoever is reading this post, if you could cross your fingers for me that would be much appreciated. I really need this break in my life.

Last night my fiance and I stayed up talking about my dreams and hopes. He is very supportive and I am so thankful I have someone like him by my side. He listened to me, gave me ideas, and agreed to help keep me focused (which I’m really bad at). I told him my plans in detail so he could keep me on track, because he knows the track I want to be on.

For instance, I want to write this post, but he’s watching YouTube videos about video games and it’s so hard not to stop what I’m doing and watch, too. The only other room I can go into to have peace and quiet is poorly lit. However, soon, I will have a desk chair again and can use that to write! I will lock everyone out of that room while I am using it. I am looking forward to that more than you can imagine.

Day 14 is “Something You Are Currently Worried About.”

Money. It’s always the answer to these types of questions. Who isn’t worried about money?

Aside from that and health issues, I would say that I am worried about not achieving my goals. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, but it weighs heavily on me. Sure, I could make millions, but not doing what I really want to do is just a disappointing thought.

I have tried and failed countless times, so I really, really want this. But I got to make sure I am focused and patient. Two things I am awesome and terrible at depending on the situation.

I once did the Caramelldansen dance for 1 hour at a convention just to win a Build A Bear Panda dressed as L from Death Note. Once I psyched out my opponent, I took the bear out of the clothes it was in and bought new ones. I just really wanted the panda. I could have just gone to Build A Bear and bought one, but that’s not the point. I was extremely focused on winning that dance contest.

I also waited 45 minutes at a doctor’s office because they forgot about me and went to lunch. However, my doctor is very nice and was super apologetic. And that was the second time that happened to me there. The first time was only 25 minutes. Both times I stated were after they took me back to the room.

I think, though, some people would say I am not focused or patient. I can get antsy and whiny if something takes too long. I get distracted by memes and social media when my attention should be elsewhere. Therefore, I am very worried that this will be the case when I sit down and start on making my dreams a reality. When that time comes, I will do everything in my power not to get sidetracked, but I am very worried that I will be my own worst enemy.




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