OWC – Day 12


I don’t have anything to report from today because I didn’t really do much. It was my day off from work and I spent most of it in bed due to terrible back pain. In fact, I am still in pain, but it isn’t as bad as it was earlier.

I’m just going to jump into Day 12, which is “A Problem You Have / Have Had.”

Another easy one to do, but so much to choose from. Where do I start? I mentioned back pain, but I also have anxiety, bouts of depression, chronic pain that I do not have answers for, a hard time keeping friends, and other issues.

I guess I’ll speak about my chronic pain because maybe, just maybe, someone could shed some light.

It all started in my teen years. I had really bad pains around my abdomen and it turned out to be cysts on my ovaries. After that was taken care of, the pain still persisted, but mostly occurring on my right side. I kept telling my OBGYN that I believed I still had cysts, and she said that was practically impossible because of the birth control I was taking as a result of the cyst problems.

After I kept pushing, she finally approved an ultrasound. Came back that there were no cysts. Which confused me, because the pain would get so bad that I could not walk and it felt like I needed to throw up.

Years pass, and the pain is still there. It’s not constant, but it does come and go almost every day. Again, there are times where it gets so bad I feel nauseous, and I did call out of work multiple times because of these pains or stayed home from school (I commuted to both of the colleges I went to).

Last year, I had a cat scan where I had to drink that nasty drink beforehand. Nothing. I went to a GI and had a colonoscopy and biopsy. Nothing. I had everything checked: appendix, gallbladder, kidneys, etc. Nothing.

This year, I took 3 urine samples. At least 2 samples came back with blood in my urine and no traces of infection (sorry, I know that’s too much information). Everything else was fine other than a couple of vitamin deficiencies. I was sent to a urologist who heard about my pain and said he thinks the pain has something to do with my back.

I am currently going to get my back checked out, but that is the problem I am living with and now I have had some major back problems in the last couple of weeks, so I think the urologist may be on to something (although my fiance has suggested it being something to do with my back multiple times).

I am living with this random chronic pain that I have no clue as to what’s causing it and sometimes I feel like people (including my doctor) think I am making it up. I am not, though. Why would I lie about not being able to walk? Why would I lie about being nauseous? I have too much to do to lie about in bed faking an illness. I hate wasting time by lying in bed, and thankfully the pain isn’t that bad all the time.

Even if there is no cure, I just want to know what’s wrong.




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