Entering Contests

Sorry for not updating this page. Every time I say I am going to post I get distracted by other shiny things and never do. I wrote about maybe entering a writing contest on My Fiction Friday for Round Robin. I want to follow up here.

In high school, I was sent to the hospital one gloomy day only to be told that I have anxiety disorder. It has haunted me since, of course, and will always do so. I plan on writing the adventures I had recently about getting a kitten to help with my disorder only causing me to have a 24 hour panic attack on how I was going to take care of a cat with work and school and what not. I ultimately gave him back, but more details to come!


I saw that a contest I had been eyeing up had extended its deadline and so I thought “Why not?” My anxiety replied with “Nope! You’re not good enough to even have a chance of winning.” I therefore did not enter. The day before the contest deadline was up, I gave my anxiety the middle finger and entered two short stories. I was so excited. Then I waited for an e-mail for a few days to see if my stuff had been looked at or if I was at least in the running to win (because I always get my hopes up). I didn’t see anything in my inbox. I went back to the contest page to find out that the deadline had been extended yet again! My anxiety kicked back up telling me that more people who have more talent are going to submit works that will be picked over mine.


Well, I’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, I am starting a new separate page. Jess (from Round Robin) keeps tagging me on Facebook to sign up for websites that give you free books in return for a review. I will start doing them when I finish two books that I am dying to read. Come back soon for more posts and more reviews!




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